Vajazzling spelling blunder in Salon.. Not us of course! Vajazzling in Perth is right here!

We had to share this laugh from the Sunday Mecury news paper!


A BEAUTY salon customer was left less than dazzled by her vajazzle – the intimate body art craze sweeping the nation.

Toni Allport decided to take the plunge and have the same sequined, spangled treatment as stars of ITV reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.

She wanted to mark her 40th birthday by having her husband’s name, ‘Lee’, written in Swarovski crystals along the bikini line.

But her visit to local salon Meridian, which specialises in the risqué body art, was more ‘The Only Way Is Dyslexics’ than TOWIE.

And she had to answer some pretty awkward questions after looking down after the 40-minute session to discover the name ‘Len’ picked out in gems on her stomach.

Thankfully, the mistake didn’t spell trouble for the Walsall school assistant.

“I don’t know who the hell Len is,” she laughed, “but thankfully my husband saw the funny side. I’m confident it won’t spoil the romantic break we’ve booked for my birthday. I’ve told Lee not to look at it.

Toni Allport with her vajazzle spelling mistake

“It’s not like a tattoo – I won’t have to get Lee to change his name by deed poll. They can put it right.”

The busy salon in Cheslyn Hay has quickly carved out a reputation for mixing ornate non-permanent body art with traditional beauty treatments. There’s currently a queue of women waiting to have their toenails encrusted with ‘sparklies’.

“Toegems are the latest ‘must have’ for the beach,” cooed salon boss Faye Bray. Former X-Factor contestant Faye is a glittering, walking advertisement for her products.

She admitted, however, that when it came to regular customer Toni she and her girls got it wrong.

“It was a mixture of a very busy day, a communication breakdown and one of our girls having a boyfriend called Len,” said the 30-year-old. She wouldn’t say who.

Toni Allport with her vajazzle spelling mistake

“Toni saw the funny side straight away – even when we said we couldn’t put things right there and then. That’s because she had spray tan and waxing at the same time.”

And the fashion faux pas won’t stop Toni visiting Meridian again. “They’ve been superb,” she said. “They couldn’t be more apologetic and have thrown in a few freebies. They’re the best at what they do.

“We’ve all been in stitches.”

Locally, Meridian is at the forefront of the vajazzle craze with women of all ages wanting the ornate, eye-catching designs.

Manageress Michelle Parker said: “We’re doing them for all ages, with Christmas and Valentine’s Day proving popular.

“With the summer holidays coming up, we expect to be rushed off our feet.”

The salon also has a growing list of male customers. “We have a lot of men in for skin peels,” added Michelle, 35. “Eyebrow waxes are also popular.”

Boss Faye said the business boom was down to the hard work of ‘her girls’, pointing out: “We all make mistakes and no harm has been done.

“I don’t know if it’s a wind-up, but they’ve told me a woman has booked in to have ‘Denis’ spelt out on her midriff with crystals.

“Fingers crossed…”