New Male Waxing Specialist – WELCOME LAURA

Boyettes we have the Lovely Laura available at Bare Beauty now… so come in and get your manzillian on today!! Laura has been speacialising in man’s grooming for many years now at the best salon’s in Perth…. and has now arrived at the No 1 Waxing Specialist Salon in perth BARE BEAUTY. Either your brows’ to the chest wax then to the Manzillian…we have the best waxing specialist in town. Come book in now with Laura for all your manscaping needs!! xx    

Vajazzling For Breast Cancer Care this month! Bling those Beavers

This month we are getting a little festive. What a time for giving, giving and more giving. At Bare Beauty we have chosen our charity this month as Breast Cancer Care Western Australia. All money from the sale and application of Vajazlling this month , at only $10 each, is going to be given as a donation. Thats right, all money! What a fabulous charity that helps women who are unfortunate to have breast cancer, with help with money if they need it for rent or bills or childcare. We think this charity is worthy of you blingy your beaver so please everyone dig deep, take your pants off and let a little sparkle in your life. That little sparkle will help someone who may have lost their sparkle for just a little while. Remember to ask your fabulous waxers to show you some awesome designs we have in store. BLING THOSE BEAVERS FOR BREAST CANCER !!!! That’s the motto this month of November xxxxxxxxxxxx thank you

Christmas @ Perth’s best Brazilian waxing studio is only a pube away!

We are so crazy busy you have to book ahead, don’t let santa come down your chimney and get a suprise! Christmas @ Bare Beauty is only like 10 weeks away. Yikes! We will be opening extended hours during this really busy period probably 7 days a week to keep up with the demand, but don’t let that fool you! The silly season is here, parties, parties, parties, festivals , beach, sun, melbourne cup. OMG so exxcited. Make sure you pre book your wax sessions till the new year as we would hate to turn you away or not fit you in. Saturdays during december are filling up as are after hours appointments. If you would like to see our favourite waxers, Ky-lee, Stacey and Debby

Exfoliating Ingrown remedy Bliss! After care for Body waxing

This would have to be my ultimate body exfoliator and YUMMMMMMO in a bottle. At Bare Beauty we pride ourselves in not Upselling u a whole bunch of lotions or potions that don’t work, we only stock the things we love and use ourselves. Ingorwn hairs on brazilians are caused when the hair gets trapped under a pile of dead skin cells and decides to grow underneath the skin instead of through it, this ends up getting an infection which in turn then becomes the nasty pimple, ewwwwwwww! So help sloth away those dead skin cells and feel like you are having a cocktail in the shower with this sweet smelling and o so yummy mancine hot salt scrub in Pomegranate, but thats not our only flavour we also carry coconut and vanilla, mango, orange, kiwi, lavendar and rose……ON WAGS they gave these away in the gift bags for one of their charity functions, OMG totally famous i tell you! So for the best brazilian wax in Perth and the best exfoliator this side of a lumpy bumpy beaver, you know u gotta try this YUM SCRUM in a bottle. only $28.95 for a 500g tub of heaven. containing Marine extract blended with Australian Sea Salts and mixed with Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, soya bean oil and fruit acids to form a deep exfoliating body scrub to remove dry and dead skin. Vitamin E blended with Natural Botanicals and sea salts create a rich emollient and leave skin enriched, stimulated and glowing , best exfoliator for body waxing and after care for male and female body waxing!

Back, sack and crack…….MANSCAPING is the word, try a Bare Beauty Manzilian today!

Manscaping, not for the fainthearted….PFFT get Real you are all doing it, you just don’t know. Men are less likely to tell their friends över a cuppa “Hey guess what i tried the other day, ball waxing, and it was at this amazing salon Bare Beauty in North Perth” get real, but you ladies so spread the word like that. Most of our clients are from referals which we love so much, gents on the other hand well i seem to find that you mainly come from google searches late at night, contemplating “hrmm……maybe i should give this a go You are frightened as hell usually and have the same questions you all ask when you come in…Don’t fear we have seen the Meat and Two Veg a thousand times over and are strictly proffesional when handling the questions and will put you at ease with our light hearted approach to such a sensitive subject. Manscaping isn’t just about the “Manzilian”” which is what we call it at Bare Beauty, Manscaping includes waxing arms, chest waxing, back waxing, cleaning the ears or tidying up the john howard mo. We do it all, and i have to say i think we are pretty fab! well thats what our male clients tell us. If you are wondering what a “manzilian”is well let me explain. Its waxing in the nether regions, wether you leave hair in the pelvic region or not, take it all off on the scrotum , through the crack and bobs ya uncle ya done> It wasn’t that hard was it? if you are feeling a bit nervous the first time feel free to advise us not to do the crack, but trust me every bloke thats had it taken off will tell you it doesnt hurt as much as they think it does. With over 12 years experience MANSCAPING PERTH , Male waxing Perth , It’s about the blokiest thing you can do next to drinking a beer at the footy………well it’s’getting that way!

Brazilian Wax Hair Styles

So todays post is totally about the fashionable shapes and sizes that us brazilian waxers at Bare Beauty get to master the art of! Because we are so the best Brazilian wax in Perth, its only right for us to spill the fashionista secrets in the nether region department. So totally hot right now are:   Pizza slice, a triangle patch of hair left on the pelvic area The landing stripe, an oldy but a goodie, this runway of hair leads to ….. The charlie chapman, a token tuft for those in the nose Plucked chook, this is a term we refer to as the look after an inferior wax, we so wont leave u looking like one! Bald Badger, all off with nothing for the imagination You can always leave strips of hair as wide as a wedge, a chip or a french fry! Perth Brazilian wax just got warmer this winter. Book Bare Beauty now for the best wax in Perth Guaranteed unlike our imitators, not competitors ! xxx