Women's Waxing at Bare Beauty Waxing

Simply put, Brazilian waxes are waxes relating to the removal of hair in the pubic area. Making an appearance in the late 80s, and adopted by the masses a decade or so later, brazilian waxing simply refers to the removal of hair in the public area with the use of wax.Almost 30 years after first appearing in salons, women of all ages and lifestyles are now turning to brazilian waxes to achieve a smoother, cleaner, longer lasting finish.

Women's waxing & Manzilian prices

For the best possible finish, we recommend clients that have been shaving their hair prior to the appointment wait until their hair has regrown at least half to one centimeter in length.At Bare Beauty, there is no need to trim the hair prior to your appointment, as this may cause damage or trauma to the area. We recommend leaving it all to our experienced specialists who will happily sort it all out for you.For first timers, a brazilian can be a nervous occasion. But any regular will tell you, after a couple times it feels just like any other waxing appointment. Rest assured, all of our experienced technicians remember their first time, and will take extra care to ensure you are looked after throughout the whole process.

Brazilian Waxing

  • X Standard Bikini – $30
  • XX Extended Bikini – $45
  • XXX Brazilian – $65

Body Waxing

  • Underarm – $20
  • Half leg – $40
  • Half arm – $35
  • Full leg – $60
  • Full arm – $45