Perth’s Best Brazilian Wax for your New years resolution?

New years resolution not having a hairy bush, we can help!

Are you wanting to go into the new year with a smooth landing or a landing strip? does your boyfriend or girlfriend hate the fact that they are pulling pubic hair out like dental floss??..(too much info eh) or does the gardening need to be done downunder……….Never fear, we have two days left of waxing for 2011! We are re-opening 29th and 30Th december and closing till the 5 january. So if you need a last minute wax before you hit the town on the 31st email/text or call 0401610346 before the 29th or 30th and I’ll personally help with your new years resolution, if pubically related of course (is that even a word!) Perth’s premier waxing studio offering Perth’s best Brazilian Waxers are only a phone call away!

It’s official Bare Beauty has finally relocated!

YES Elvis has left the building, i mean BARE BEAUTY perth’s best brazilian waxers,  are now in our New shop! Yes, the sad moment arrived yesterday 13/11/11 when we packed up subiaco and moved into our new fabulous shop 3 Blake Street North Perth. So we are officially there. Our phone will be off for three days so if you would like to make a booking please call 0401610346 or 61621546  until we are back on track. Can’t wait for you to visit our new location xxxxxx Ky-lee

Commandments for the perfect wax!

The waxing commandments Thou shall not pick thy burger or buns Picking at your ingrown hair can sometimes lead to scarring which ends up looking more unsightly than it began with. I know there are times where you are sitting on the toilet and decide to have a squeeze, HOLD BACK! Grab yourself a magazine or something and let that poor bump heal ! YOU could end up with a spotty burger Thou shall not apply products Do not apply any fake tan or perfumed moisturising lotions immediately after a wax. Please let it heal and give it 24 hours. Thou shall not mow the lawn (shave thy self) Not only will your hairs become thick and prickly but it may cause irratation and an unpleasant waxing session next time. Now how much do we all hate those! Thy beaver wax hurts less when timing is best! Try and time your next waxing session in the middle of your cycle. One week before your due is horribly more painful and a week after tends to be still a little sesitive. SO plan ahead and book every four weeks, You can even save money as we have a special for our regular customers. Thou shall maintain their garden maintenance is the key to keep your beaver and buns happy! 4-6 weeks is the recommended time for a wax, preferably four for beavers and for the lads 6 weeks for chest or back. For the boys business downunder, we recommend four weeks as well.