BB GLOW & Skin Needling

bb glow treatment 

The BB GLOW microneedling therapy that gives your skin an immediate brightening, rejuvenating and tightening effect! To get the best results, you will need 2-3 sessions two weeks apart and you will enjoy hydrated, even-toned skin for up to 6 months. 

It is recommended  for people with dark skin tones, mircopigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (dark spots).  


skin needling treatment

Skin needling is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique to restore the healthy youthful appearance of your skin. Targets acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation, large pores, general skin quality and stretch marks by stimulating collagen and elastin production and improving circulation. Visible signs of skin rejuvenation are usually seen after just 6 weeks. Each treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, needling and mask application.